A patient engagement solution, FollowMyHealth, combines a personal health record with an innovative patient portal that gives patients easy access to their record and the connectivity associated with a health information exchange (HIE). Patient-friendly navigation facilitates engagement with providers and enables patients to play a greater role in safely managing their health care.


The software is used by hundreds of healthcare organizations and physicians across the country to power the patient-specific patient portals at their hospitals and clinics. The FollowMyHealth website gives you access to your personal health data from any location at any time, wherever you are. This allows you to manage your health in a proactive way, whatever your location may be.

In fact, FollowMyHealth is often used as the main tool for doctors and healthcare professionals to interact with patients. Even if the name of your platform differs, the technology remains the same.

Get Assistance

The FollowMyHealth Patient Portal is a completely free, secure, and HIPAA compliant way to review medications, communicate with your GP, or track treatment progress. To register on the portal, call our offices at 971-202-5500 and request an account.

Steps To Get Registered With FollowMyHealth

  • If you are 18 years of age or older, during the registration process you will be asked to log into the Follow My Health patient portal the next time you visit the doctor.
  • If you wish to register, enter your email address and you will receive an invitation.
  • After receiving the invitation, click the “Click here to register” link in the email.
  • The registration page contains step-by-step instructions.
  • Make sure you do not disclose your username or password.
  • Welcome to the Follow My Health patient portal! You can now view your lab results and access your TMH Physician Partners electronic medical records at any time.

How To Login To The official Portal?


Step 1- When launching the FMH mobile app for iOS, the following screen appears:

Step 2 – After creating a username and password for FMH Secure Login, select the “Login with your FollowMyHealth account” option to login. If you are using one of the other authentication methods (Google, Yahoo, Facebook or LiveID), click “Alternative Sign-Ins.”. The following screen will appear:

Step 3 – Tap your login method, enter your credentials and log into your account.

Similar to a traditional email system, the FollowMyHealth inbox provides an easy and secure way to communicate with your doctor online. Messages are sent and received securely at any time.

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