FollowMyHealth allows you, as a member of our family of care, to access a secure and confidential online service. When you want and need health information, you can easily access it through FollowMyHealth.


MaineGeneral’s Follow My Health patient portal makes managing your health easier than ever. You can access your health information at MaineGeneral from any computer or smartphone 24 hours a day.

Amazing Benefits Of The Login Portal

  • View your medical records online in a secure environment
  • Communicate privately with doctors via secure messages
  • View lab and test results
  • Read your doctor’s medical notes
  • Update your health information (allergies, medications, medical conditions, etc.)
  • Refill your prescriptions or schedule an appointment before your appointment by filling out and submitting forms.
  • Communicate privately with your doctor’s office via secure messaging.
  • Patients are able to contact a provider immediately.
  • Patients and providers are separated by a physical barrier, reducing the risk of virus transmission.
  • A huge time saver for medical practices so more people can be treated.
  • You can access all your personal health information from all your providers in one place
  • And more!
  • It’s available online 24/7 on any computer, tablet or smartphone!

Use this page to ask any questions you have. On this site you will find answers to many of our most frequently asked questions.

Your personal and medical information is safe. Patient data privacy and security are essential to protect patient rights, the physician-patient relationship, and the integrity of a medical system. Federal laws and regulations require physicians to protect their patient information from inappropriate access and disclosure.

Holston Medical Group meets these requirements using the latest Internet security methodology and best practices in its online patient care offerings. If you encounter any technical problems while using the portal, you can contact support by phone at 1-888-670-9775 during normal business hours or by email.